DIY Decoupage Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs has always been one of my favorite traditions. Usually, I would dye my Easter eggs and use crayons to add an “artistic” and “creative” flare. Talk about…BORRRIIING!

After making decoupage Easter eggs, I found that it was much simpler than using dyes and crayons, and they look 100 times better. A bonus for using this method to decorate your Easter eggs, is that you can customize the pattern and design it the way that you want. For my eggs, I chose to go with a floral theme, which is perfect for both spring and Easter! Looking at the photo, it may seem a little challenging but it is REALLY easy.


In the photo above, I boiled my eggs, let them completely cool, and then started decorating them. This method provides you with a snack that is  both aesthetically pleasing and delicious! Another option is to poke a hole in the shell and blow out the yolk. By doing this, you are able to preserve your designed egg and use it as a decoration. (If you choose to use this method, I recommend not letting the yolk go to waste and make some omelets or scrambled eggs from them). Whichever method you decide to go with, both will be great for Easter egg hunts.

The following supplies and steps are needed to decoupage eggs:



  • Boil eggs or blow out the yolk.
  • Cut out the shapes and images that you want to use from your selected paper napkins or printed design. (For my decoupaged eggs, I used printed images and napkins).
  • Pour some of your Mod Podge into a small bowl and using your foam poly brush, apply a small amount on the surface of the egg. Place the image you cut out over the lacquer (continue around the egg to get your desired pattern).
  • Seal the design by applying even coats of Mod Podge over the entire egg.
  • Let it dry and you’re done!



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